Data Reporting Tips for CSS and PSS transfers

Data reporting is a topic that we often get calls about, so we thought we’d share our hot tips for CSS and PSS transfers.

19 Jul 2019

When a CSS or PSS customer permanently or temporarily transfers to another agency or eligible employer, you need to make sure you finalise them correctly through Employer Services Online (ESO). This is to avoid errors on the employee’s account, and to stop grid errors from preventing data submission.This includes employees impacted by a Machinery of Government change where you are transferring them to another employer ID/code for payment and administration reasons.
As the ceasing employer, you must:
  • Report the cessation reason code 4 (transferring to another participating employer) in your payroll system if reporting via CSS/PSS SAFFE. If you are manually submitting through ESO, you will need to finalise the employee and select the transfer code.
  • Report the cessation date with your agency.
  • Not report an employee on LWOP to CSC if it’s a temporary transfer.
If the employee returns to your agency, you should recommence them and update all new effective dates using the date of return to your agency.
As the new employer, you should commence the employee as a new employee using their existing AGS number. You should also use the date commenced with your agency for the following date fields:
  • Scheme commencement date
  • Employment start date
  • Employment status effective date
  • Part-time hours effective date (where applicable)
  • Salary for super effective date
  • Percentage rate effective date
  • LWOP start date (for MoG cases where an employee is on LWOP prior to employment change)
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