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10 Nov 2021

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November 2021 – what’s in the newsletter

CSS and PSS benefits and pensions processing

It’s important to keep a close eye on the early cut-off dates for the processing of CSS and PSS benefits, particularly for any employees who are retiring or leaving employment between now and January.

Any applications received after 15 December from CSS or PSS customers who are retiring and claiming a pension will be processed for pension payday 13 January 2022. All applications received before this date will be processed like normal.

CSS or PSS customers claiming a lump sum benefit will need to submit their benefit application form to us before 10 December to receive the payment by Christmas. Any applications received after this date can’t be paid until 4 January 2022.

So we can process these application forms as quickly as possible, please complete the relevant departmental report as soon as your employee separates. Please send all departmental reports and application forms to formsandapplications@csc.gov.au.

Contribution data processing

CSS and PSS data

Where possible, you should submit CSS and PSS contribution data through Employer Services Online (ESO) and send the corresponding contribution payments for both December paydays (9 and 23 December 2021) before your shutdown period.

We understand this isn’t possible for everyone and there’s no problem with that. Just send it to us as soon as you can in the new year. It’s really important to use the matching Payment Reference Numbers (PRNs) in this instance so we can correctly allocate the contributions.

PSSap data

Everyone using the CSC-sponsored clearing house can schedule submission of data and payments in advance for PSSap and choice funds.

The transaction date in your SAFF file (field 26, CSV column W) should reflect the date you want the data submitted, and the contributions direct debited from your account. If this field is left blank, transactions will be processed after 4pm on the day it has been authorised and you may overdraw your bank account.

If you’re unable to pay in advance, or are using a clearing house that isn’t CSC-sponsored, any contributions received by PSSap via SuperStream by 23 December will be allocated to your employees’ accounts before the end of this calendar year. Contributions received from 24 December won’t be allocated until the new year.

Reach out to us on 1300 338 240 or at employer.service@csc.gov.au if you have any questions.

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Are you considering redundancies for some of your employees?

If you’re thinking about opening a redundancy round in the future for 20 or more employees, we strongly recommend getting in touch with your Employer Relationship Manager as soon as possible. Connecting with your Employer Relationship Manager prior to your redundancy round means they can:

  • guide you through the process of obtaining redundancy estimates and submitting the relevant documents when your employee leaves, to facilitate a smooth transition out of the workforce.
  • work with you to ensure your employees are fully informed about their super, which might include scheduling education sessions or sharing resources with you for your employees
  • prepare CSC’s internal teams for the incoming redundancies
  • provide you with information that’s relevant to your workforce
Learn more about Are you considering redundancies for some of your employees?

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