Alert Pensioners: We've published CPI calculations for July 2024 & the pension will increase by 1.6% (2.2% for DFRDB/DFRB over 55). See the calculations

Transfer Balance Cap

An overview of how the Transfer Balance Cap (TBC) applies to CSS, DFRDB, MilitarySuper and PSS pensioners.

This information is particularly important for CSS, DFRDB, MilitarySuper and PSS pensioners with:
  • a superannuation income stream* (also known as a pension entitlement) of more than $118,750 per annum
  • a pension entitlement that is likely to exceed $118,750 per annum in future
  • multiple retirement products administered by CSC
  • additional retirement products outside those offered by CSC.

*Some of our benefits have been reclassified as lump sum payments. If your benefit is classed as a lump sum payment this information may not apply to you.

When we refer to 'CSC pensions' in this article, we are specifically referring to customers who are in receipt of CSS, DFRDB, MilitarySuper and PSS pensions.

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