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Annual Member Meeting

Our 2023 Annual Member Meeting was held on Wednesday 8 November 2023.

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Important Documents

Annual Member Meeting Minutes 2023

Minutes from CSC's Annual Member Meeting, November 2023.

Annual Member Meeting Question Responses 2023

Responses to Member questions from CSC's Annual Member Meeting, November 2023.

Learn about what investment opportunities and risks might imply for your retirement savings and what is ‘just noise’.

Australian and global share markets struggled to find direction early in the 2022-23 Financial Year. They recovered through the volatility to deliver positive returns for the overall year, as developed-world economies remained resilient to tighter monetary policy.

As discussed at our previous two AMMs, we proactively prepared our investment portfolios to weather higher inflation, as well as remaining vigilant for evidence of material deterioration in economic conditions.

Our AMM is your opportunity to hear about and ask questions on the implications for your super.

Getting the most out of our AMM: Are you in an Accumulation or Defined Benefit fund?

At CSC, our customers fall into two broad groupings—those in Accumulation funds and those in Defined Benefit (DB) funds.

At our AMM, we will be discussing what our investment performance means for each of these two groups. To help you get the most out of this discussion, we would encourage you to familiarise yourself with your own fund, and the category it falls under.

Please note that information at our AMM will be more focused on those in Accumulation schemes, due to customers in these schemes being more impacted by the current investment landscape.

In Accumulation funds, money adds up in your super account from contributions and investment earnings. Contributions can include payments from your employer, or money you add from your pre- or post-tax salary. CSC’s Accumulation funds are PSSap and ADF Super.

For DB funds, the final amount that you receive is based on a formula, instead of accumulated contributions and investment earnings. Each fund has a slightly different formula. PSS is a DB fund.

CSS and MilitarySuper are hybrid schemes, meaning they are part Accumulation, part DB.

Find out more information about our super funds and products.

Get to know your Annual Statement now

You may have recently received your CSC Annual Statement for the 2022–23 Financial Year. If not, you will soon.

With our AMM just around the corner, now is a good time to engage with your Annual Statement, as a key way to check in on your super and review how it's tracking. At a glance you'll see your account balance, insurance cover (where applicable), any contributions you may have made, and a benefit estimate. To better understand your Annual Statement, this is a useful starting point

Keep the retirement of your dreams in focus

Keen to do more to ensure you’re on track for the retirement you’ve been dreaming of? This year our Education Team will be running a series of public webinars during the week of the AMM. Check back here closer to the date for more details.

We encourage you to get acquainted with some of our other resources:

  • Watch some videos

    Our video resource library has a collection of videos and recorded webinars to support you to learn more about managing and maximising your super.

  • Predict your pension with i-Estimator (PSS)

    Our retirement calculator, i-Estimator, can give PSS members a picture of what your pension may look like and when you may be able to conclude working. Log into your account and enter your details to get an estimate of your net income into retirement.

  • See how your super stacks up

    Enter your details into our interactive Benchmark Calculator to see how your super stacks up against your peers. If your balance is higher, you’re on the right track. If your balance is lower, find out how you can make additional contributions.

  • Read about our Retirement Income Strategy (RIS)

    If you’re about to retire, or have retired and are accessing your super, our new Retirement Income Strategy (RIS) has been designed for you. Put simply, it is a framework that will govern and drive an expanded range of product and service offerings for CSC customers who are retired, or about to retire.

    Investment Magazine recently reviewed the superannuation’s response to providing a RIS, with CSC’s strategy drawing favourable responses. Our Retirement Income Strategy Investment Magazine's review.

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As you think, dream or plan your way towards retirement, our 3rd Act Community can help inspire and guide you. Get access to resources, guidance and information. 3rd Act Community

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Vets Hub

The Vets Hub is another source of information and guidance, with regular financial wellbeing information specific to veterans and their families.

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Additional information

Short-form expenditure summary (2022-23 financial year)

The following information is provided in accordance with paragraph 29P(3)(b) of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 and regulation 2.10 of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Regulations 1994 (the Regulations).

Short-form expenditure summary relating to the entity for the 2022-23 financial year

Expense amount Total
Aggregate remuneration expenditure $7,418,516
Aggregate promotion, marketing, or sponsorship expenditure $1,128,494.04
Aggregate political donations NIL
Aggregate industrial body payments $146,738
Aggregate related party payments NIL
Aggregate remuneration expenditure This represents remuneration for the CSC Board of Directors and Executive Team. As payments of fees for some Directors are paid to their nominating entities, fees paid for these Directors are also included in the Aggregate Industrial Body Payments.
Aggregate promotion, marketing, or sponsorship expenditure Aggregate marketing and promotion expenditure includes the cost for creative development, paid media and marketing of the Fund, paid search, project management, strategic planning, merchandise and collateral, printing and event management.
Aggregate political donations No donations were made during the year.
Aggregate industrial body payments Payments to industry bodies include payments to organisations registered under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009. Payments reported under this category in 2022-23 related solely to Directors’ fees.
Aggregate related party payments CSC has not reported any payments to related parties during the year. CSC transacts with other Australian Government controlled entities consistent with the normal day to day business operations under normal terms and conditions, including the payment of workers compensation insurance premiums. CSC also makes superannuation contribution payments on behalf of employees who have chosen to be contributing members of CSC superannuation schemes. These payments have not been reported on the basis that they do not meet the definition of a related party payment in section 2.10(1)(h) of the Regulations.

Further information will be available prior to the Annual Member Meeting. This includes:

Answers to frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

We have provided answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

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