Alert Due to scheduled maintenance, PSSap and ADF Super customers may not be able to access LifeApp and eClaims services between 7pm 28 January and 8pm 29 January.

Making a payment

With our help, paying contributions is quick and easy.

We make paying contributions as quick and easy as possible.

PSSap, CSS and PSS all accept payments via SuperStream, a standardised electronic format for contribution data and payments to be sent to super funds.


Contributions from government employees to PSSap are submitted through our clearing house. If your default fund is PSSap, you can register to use our clearing house service for free.

Contributions for PSSap are submitted using the SuperStream Alternative File Format (SAFF)

Remember, if you use a different clearing house, you should make sure your chosen clearing house can accept contributions in the SAFF format. You should also make sure PSSap is set up as a default fund to allow member information to flow through correctly to PSSap (you can have more than one default fund set up).


CSS and PSS contributions can’t be submitted through a clearing house. This is because there is additional data to be reported in a customised data format unique to these schemes.

Some contributions are paid directly to members’ accounts, while other contributions are paid to Commonwealth Consolidated Revenue, to fund future benefits.

Our CSS/PSS Contributions Payment Guide details how to make these payments correctly.

Need some help? 

We’ve answered your most common questions about using our QuickSuper clearing house to pay PSSap and other accumulation super contributions. 

Our CSS/PSS Contributions Payment Guide has the info you need to pay defined benefits contributions 

SuperStream data standards

To make sure your payroll system can export the required data correctly, we have developed some standard technical guides. These should be provided to your IT department and payroll system provider for implementation.

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