CSC and superannuation for APS and some non-APS employers

A brief introduction to CSC, our super funds and how they work.

This course is a brief introduction to CSC, our super funds and how they work. This is a good foundation to lay because you’ll get an understanding how super grows for each fund, which helps to understand why some of your tasks are needed.
It also paints a picture as to why super is so important and what you need to be mindful of in your day-to-day.

Launch course

Course includes:

  • What is the purpose of Superannuation?
  • Who is CSC?
  • Get to Know Our Team

Eligibility requirements

  • What to do when you have a new employee

Types of contributions

  • How to contribute to a CSC fund

Options available to our customers when their lifestyle changes

  • Sickness and injury
  • Terminal illness and death benefits
  • Leaving work

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