Employer Services Online (ESO) terms and conditions

Employer Services Online (ESO) is an internet-based information processing service offered by CSC. Access to and use of ESO is subject to these terms and conditions. We encourage agencies who register employees with ESO to read and understand the following information.


The ESO Registration Form allows Authorising Officers of an agency to setup users with the following authority levels:

  • Read only: generally for HR staff wanting to find out who is eligible for CSC defined benefit products
  • Read/write: generally required by payroll staff, allows users to access all of the ESO functionality, including payfile submissions.

Your responsibilities

All transactions received by us through ESO will be marked ‘Submitted’ in ESO, and will be shown on the ‘Contribution Periods’ screen. To ensure that you or your ESO user(s) have successfully submitted your data, please check this status.

You and each ESO user must ensure that:

  1. only users that have been validly authorised by an Authorising Officer of your agency access and use ESO
  2. all reasonable steps are taken to ensure your ESO user(s) do not disclose or share their user IDs/access numbers with anyone
  3. access numbers are not stored or written down
  4. you report any actual or suspected unauthorised transactions or unauthorised access to ESO, or concerns about the security of user(s) ID/access number(s) without delay, by calling Employer Support on 1300 338 240
  5. you advise Employer Support on 1300 338 240 without delay of any of your ESO user(s) who no longer require access to ESO.

If you believe that your or your ESO user(s) ID / access number(s) have been compromised, you must change the logon information as soon as possible, and contact Employer Support on 1300 338 240 without delay to let them know what has occurred.

You and your ESO user(s) are only to access ESO for the authorised purposes. Any unauthorised use may result in a breach of the law.

Our responsibilities

To protect data stored on ESO, or for other security reasons, we may need to revoke access to you or your ESO user(s) at any time without notice to you or the ESO user. Circumstances in which we may do this include:

  1. if you or your ESO user fails to keep their user ID / access number secure
  2. if we have concerns regarding security or unauthorised access.

The ESO site may be modified or enhanced from time to time. We will inform you about any significant changes to the site.

Activity logging

Each time you or your ESO user(s) visit our website their activities will be logged. The information logged includes the ESO user credentials, how often the site was used, the time of day the site was accessed, what browser types are being used and what activities were performed.

ESO uses a temporary ‘session cookie’. This is needed to maintain login information. The cookie expires when you or your ESO user logs off.


As ESO is delivered over the internet, its availability and performance may be subject to factors outside of our control. We do not accept responsibility for:

  • technical or service difficulties in ESO (including delays in processing) which are outside of our direct control
  • problems caused to your computer, associated equipment, software, information or data as a result of using ESO
  • matters arising from information or data corruption, breaches of information, data or password security, defects in transmission, or viruses
  • losses caused to you, your ESO user(s), employees or agents arising directly or indirectly from the use of the site.

Privacy statement

We collect personal information for the purposes of providing superannuation services, improving our products and to keep you informed. We will only share personal information where necessary for providing superannuation services. This may include disclosing personal information to our scheme administrator, service providers or government or regulatory bodies. Personal information may be accessed overseas by our service providers. Please see our privacy policy for full details. Personal information will not be otherwise used or disclosed unless required or permitted under law. A full copy of our privacy policy as well as the privacy complaint process is available at www.csc.gov.au/Employers/Privacy-policy/

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