If you’re considering a redundancy process, our Relationship Managers can help.

Contact us early so we can help

If you’re considering offering redundancies to multiple employees, contact your Employer Relationship Manager as soon as possible. They will work with you to make the process as smooth as possible by coordinating estimate requests and arranging education and advice services for your employees.

If you don’t know who your Employer Relationship Manager is, get in touch on 1300 338 240 so that they can introduce themselves.

Education and advice

You can refer your employees to the resources in the Redundancy section of our website to help navigate super when considering or accepting a redundancy.

Your Employer Relationship Manager can also arrange a seminar for your employees so that they better understand their super. Depending on where your impacted employees are, we can run the seminar in person or online.

We also have a team of financial plannerswho are here to help. Your employees can learn more about our financial planners on our website and can contact them on 1300 277 777 to make an appointment.

Our education and advice services are extremely popular and can book out, so make sure you get in touch with your Employer Relationship Manager as early as possible to lock something in!

What you need to do

Even though their employment with you may be ending, we’ll still be there for your employees after they’ve been made redundant. You should encourage all employees who are made redundant to log in to CSC Navigator and check their contact details are up-to-date so we can keep in touch.

*Our authorised financial planners are authorised to provide advice by Guideway Financial Services (ABN 46 156 498 538, AFSL 420367). Guideway is a licensed financial services business providing CSC financial planners with support to provide members with specialist advice, education and strategies.

Benefit estimates

If your employees are in CSS or PSS, one of the most important parts of the redundancy process is requesting a benefit estimate for them. An estimate will provide your employee with an understanding of the potential benefit they could be paid, as well as details of their super options if they accept a redundancy.

Before your employee’s final pay, you should:

  • Request a redundancy estimate if you haven’t already – we can’t pay a redundancy benefit without providing an estimate first, so if your employee hasn’t received an estimate earlier in your redundancy process you should request it now.
  • Review your employee’s super record as soon as possible – you can access member data reports in our Employer Services Online portal at any time. If changes need to be made to your employee’s record, email as soon as you can. After you have processed your employee’s final pay, you need to:
  • Complete a departmental report and submit it to us.
  • Provide us with a copy of the retirement instrument – we require a copy of the notice of termination of employment, retirement instrument or retirement certificate to confirm that your employee is entitled to a redundancy benefit. This instrument must contain:
    • Your agency’s letterhead
    • The legislative basis of the termination, e.g. subsection 29(3)(a) of the Public Service Act 1999
    • The employee’s name
    • The effective date, and
    • The delegate’s signature.

Benefit estimates

PSSap members can view their super balance at any time by logging in to the CSC Navigator.

You need to submit your employee’s exit date and reason in your next contribution file – that information will flow through to our system when you submit that file. There’s no departmental report to complete for PSSap members.

PSSap members who are made redundant and aren’t able to claim their benefit yet may be able to keep their PSSap account and take it with them to their next job, no matter where they go. PSSap members need to have completed 12 continuous months of eligible employment to be able to continue contributing to PSSap in any employment.

PSSap members who are able (and want) to claim their benefit or want to roll it to another fund can complete the Withdrawing your super form.

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