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Employer Service Desk

Our Employer Service Desk is your first point of contact as an employer. We can help you with any questions you might have about any of our schemes.

Support when you need it. Just call us on 1300 338 240.

We can help you out when you need information on:

  1. Operational requirements for our schemes
  2. How to determine scheme eligibility for new or returning employees
  3. Processing of SuperStream contributions
  4. How to calculate salary for super
  5. How to deal with overpaid or underpaid contributions
  6. How to make changes to previously reported salaries and contributions
  7. General invalidity and insurance questions, and
  8. Any other topics not mentioned above.

We also look after our clearing house, QuickSuper*, and will work with you to sign you up to the service.

We have a range of online resources available including calculatorsquick guides, and training notes.

Want more help? If you feel your organisation could benefit from training, see our Training and education options.

* QuickSuper is issued by the Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 AFSL 233714.

Meet the Employer Service Desk team

Song Peng

Song joined our team in 2019 and is currently completing her third master’s degree at the Australian National University. She’s previously worked as a research assistant in the field of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s health.

Song enjoys the variety that comes with working with our employers. The questions she’s asked are always different and cross a number of topics, which means she gets to expand her knowledge of super along the way. She gets a kick out of helping our employers and enjoys sending them on their way with a solution to their problem.

Away from work life, Song’s current biggest hobby is crochet (she’s made all sorts of mug warmers, mittens and scarves) followed closely by collecting earrings. She owns over 200 pairs and is aiming to have a different pair to wear every day of the year!

Sofia Piscioneri

Sofia has been with us for over three years. She’s played an important part in the changes the Employer Service Desk has seen over the last few years and has really enjoyed helping shape the customer service experience our employers go through today.

Sofia dedicates herself to helping our employers. She loves that she can provide employers with information to help with their day-to-day tasks, knowing that it ultimately helps our members.

Sofia is a new mum to a beautiful girl, so much of her time outside of work involves adventures with her daughter. When they’re not on an adventure, you’ll find Sofia playing soccer with her team around Canberra or making music on her piano and her daughter cheering her on (or dancing away) the entire time.

Sean Lewis

Sean is the Team Leader of the Employer Service Desk, having started with us over six years ago in the Customer Contact Centre. He’s worked in our manual calculations, internal training and legislative analysis teams too.

Sean is passionate about providing the best customer service to our employers, particularly when it comes to those more complex enquiries. He wants our employers to feel confident, safe and supported by our Employer Service Desk with all super-related matters.

Outside of work Sean lives a healthy lifestyle, loves his plant-based foods and, depending on the season, enjoys spending time at the gym and snow fields.

Sonja Nocera

Sonja is the Manager of the Employer Service Desk and Employer Trainers. Along with managing those teams, she provides valuable technical assistance to our employers and various business areas at CSC. She also looks after our employer communications, such as the quarterly newsletter.

Sonja’s been with us for 22 years. In that time she’s worked in a few different teams, but has always been drawn to and passionate about our employers. She’s spent most of her career in the Employer Services space, spending a large portion as an Employer Trainer. Sonja has also worked on some major super changes while with us, including PSSap scheme design and implementation, same sex relationship legislative changes and SuperStream stakeholder engagement.

Sonja is passionate about communicating openly and honestly to our employers. She’s always keeping them informed about what’s happening here at CSC and in the super industry generally. She loves seeking feedback on how our services are going and, while she’s working more behind the scenes these days, she never passes up an opportunity to visit our employers to seek that feedback.

When she’s not in work mode, Sonja loves taking trips with her family. Her favourite place to be is somewhere in Europe, particularly in summer. She’s also a foodie and loves tasting the local cuisine when she’s touring the world. She’s planning on visiting more of Asia in the future, with Japan up first.

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