Ms Winsome Hall

Nominee of the President of the ACTU and Member of the Board Governance, Remuneration and HR, and APS Reconsideration Advisory Committees

Reappointed 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020

  • Director since 1 July 2011
  • Nominee of the President of the ACTU
  • Member of the Board Governance Committee
  • Member of the Remuneration and HR Committee
  • Member of the APS Reconsideration Advisory Committee
  • Chair of ARIA Co Pty Ltd

Ms Hall was a trustee of the predecessor organisations ARIA and the CSS and PSS Boards (1996–2011). She is an independent non-executive director of the Medical Research Commercialisation Fund (since 2007) as a nominee of Australian Super, is Chair of the Women in Super NSW Mother's Day Classic (since 2013) and is director of the National Breast Cancer Foundation (since 2016).

Ms Hall has previously been a non-executive director of various financial sector companies including Colonial First State Private Capital Limited (2001–2008), State Super Financial Services (2006–2009) and the Financial Industry Complaints Scheme (2004–2008) and was previously a non-executive director of the commercial fund Uniseed (2005-2015) and Chair of Zurich Australia Superannuation Pty Ltd (2010-19).

She has also been a member of the Financial Complaints Scheme Panel, best practice advisor to the Association of Superannuation Funds Australia, Senior Advisor, Prime Minister and Cabinet, and Secretary of the ACT Branch of the CPSU. Ms Hall has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Australian National University.

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