Additional contributions

When it comes to your retirement, it’s the little things that make a big difference – from what you save, to what you contribute. Learn about how you can contribute more to your super here.

You don’t have to contribute extra to super, however doing so may be a good idea as your retirement savings may need to last you 20 years or longer. Even small regular amounts can have a big impact on your retirement over a long investment period.

Additional personal contributions are contributions you can voluntarily make in addition to your regular DFRDB contributions. These contributions are paid from your after-tax income to the Military Superannuation and Benefits Scheme (MilitarySuper). You continue to be a DFRDB member and also become a beneficiary of MilitarySuper.

Please note there is a limit on the amount of personal contributions you can pay into your superannuation without incurring additional tax.

For further information about tax and contribution limits visit the Australian Tax Office website. 

You can also arrange through your Defence pay system to make regular fortnightly deductions from your after-tax salary for investment as personal contributions to MilitarySuper. You should contact your pay office for further assistance with this option.

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