Your investment options

Here’s everything you need to know about your super scheme in one place, from how it’s designed and the objectives we’re trying to achieve to how it’s performing over time.

PSS contributing members’ super can only be invested in the Default Fund.

If you are a preserved member you can choose from the default or cash options.


Our Default Option is how we invest your money if you don’t choose an investment option. It’s designed to take on a little more risk, for greater return.


Our Cash Option reduces risk by investing all your funds in cash assets.

How we invest

When we make decisions about investment, we make them with you in mind, whether it’s the principles we abide by, how we structure ourselves or what we invest in. Here’s how.

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Investment performance

In this section you’ll understand the measures we put in place to achieve investment performance and to help you have the retirement you deserve.

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Which options or mix of options should you choose?

Taking your personal objectives, financial situation and needs into account, there are things you should consider before making an investment choice, for example:

  • The amount of time your money will be invested before you need it for retirement
  • The level of investment performance that you are expecting
  • The level of risk and fluctuation that you can tolerate

Thinking about switching?

If you are a contributing member, you cannot switch at all. 

If you are a preserved benefit or associate member, you can switch your entire accumulation component (if it’s greater than $1,000) once in a month by the cut-off date, up to two times in a calendar year. 

More information about switching between investment options is available in our Investment Options and Risk IBR

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