About beneficiaries

Knowing who your super benefit will be paid to in the event of your death can give you peace of mind.

Nominating a beneficiary is not mandatory, but it can help to provide peace of mind. To nominate, change or revoke a beneficiary you need to complete our Binding beneficiary nomination form. To be valid, your form must be signed and witnessed in a particular way – this is explained in the form for you. It’s important to remember to renew your nomination every three years for it to remain valid – we will aim to contact you before your three years period ends but you should also keep a note for your own records.

Nominating a beneficiary

Who can you nominate

You can nominate one or more dependents and/or your legal personal representative (the executor of your will or administrator of your estate). Dependents include spouse, children or anyone who has an interdependency relationship with you.

If your nomination is valid and has not expired CSC is generally required to pay your death benefit to the beneficiary you nominate. If a person you nominate is a dependant at the time of your nomination but not at the time of your death, CSC will use its discretion in accordance with the law to determine who will receive your benefit.

Valid nomination

To be valid, your binding nomination must be:

  • To a dependant under super law
  • Signed and witnessed in a certain way using a legal instrument called a binding beneficiary nomination form
  • Renewed every three years (unless you chose to reconfirm, change or revoke your nomination before the time ends)

You should review your beneficiary or beneficiaries if there’s a change in your personal circumstances such as marriage, divorce or the birth of a child.

Read our Beneficiary nomination form.

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