Understanding Death benefits

Planning for when you’re not going to be around can feel morbid. But with the right insurance cover and instructions about where you’d like your super benefits to go, you can rest easy knowing your family will have financial support.

Do you need to let us know a family member or friend has passed away?

Coping when someone close to us dies is difficult in times of sorrow. If you’re going through this, we’re so sorry—and please know we’re here to support you through making a Death benefit claim. You can call us on 02 6192 9521, or if you’d prefer to send an email, please use this form.

Who can make a Death benefit claim?

If you’re a dependant or beneficiary of the CSC Customer who has died, you may be able to make a Death benefit claim. If CSC and the insurer (if applicable) approve your claim, you will receive a lump-sum Death benefit payment.

The Death benefit payment may be made up of:

  • an insurance benefit payment, if the person who died had Death and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) cover, and
  • a super benefit payment.

For more information, go to I’m a beneficiary.

Peace of mind for you and your family

Death benefits help to provide peace of mind for our members and financial security for their families.

A DFRDB death benefit may be payable to your eligible dependants or your estate if you die. Eligibility criteria are set out in the DFRDB Act.

Dependant eligibility differs if a member has died in service or after retirement.

See our online guides for potential benefits:

Dependants may also be entitled to claim benefits from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) or Centrelink, in addition to your DFRDB Scheme.

If you're the family member or representative of a deceased member or pensioner, you should contact us to assist with the death benefit process.

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