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Everything you need to know about your super when starting a new job. Find out how you can secure your future today.

This information is only applicable to PSSap members, for more information on Changes in Circumstances for other schemes please see our Changes in Circumstances page


What happens to my Post 1995 transfer amount if I leave my job?

It depends on if you choose to stay in or leave PSS.

If you stay in PSS (preserving part or all of your benefit), you can either:

  1. Preserve your entire accumulated transfer amount (Post 1995) in the fund
  2. Claim any unrestricted non-preserved component of your transfer amount as cash and transfer the remaining balance to another fund, or
  3. Transfer the entire amount to another fund.

Contributing and preserved benefit members can transfer their accumulated transfer amount (Post 1995) to PSSap, keeping these monies invested with CSC's globally recognised investments team. If you choose to exit PSS (withdrawing your entire benefit), we recommend you contact us for a benefit estimate. This will outline your availble options, showing how much you can be paid immediately as a cash lump sum.

What happens to my Pre 1996 transfer amount if I leave my job?

If you become a preserved benefit member, your amount will be preserved in the fund for payment at a later time. Once you do exit the scheme and claim your benefit, your Pre 1996 amount can be claimed as a lump sum, or a pension (provided 50% is converted to a pension).
We recommend you contact us for a benefit estimate. This will outline your available options.

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