Restrictions are placed on when super savings can be accessed. Depending on your employment status, you may be eligible to preserve your super benefit.

If you leave DFRDB eligible employment and are not entitled to retirement or invalidity pay, you may be entitled to preserve your benefit.

Under certain circumstances, preservation provisions enable you to either:

  • transfer your DFRDB superannuation entitlements to another eligible superannuation scheme by means of a transfer value, or
  • retain your DFRDB entitlements in the scheme to receive a deferred benefit once you meet certain conditions

Transfer value

If you discharge from the Australian Defence Force and join an eligible super scheme within 90 days of your discharge date, a transfer value will be available to you.

It is a lump sum amount, comprising your total contributions plus an amount contributed by the Commonwealth paid to your other fund in exchange for extra benefits.

Deferred benefit

You may be eligible for a deferred benefit if not eligible for a transfer value.

To be eligible, you must engage in public employment within 90 days of your discharge date and remain in public employment (without a continuous break of more than 89 days) until your combined Defence Force and public employment totals 20 years, or 15 years if you reach your retiring age for your rank at discharge.

You will no longer be entitled to a deferred benefit if you do not stay in public employment until your benefit becomes payable or if you have a break of more than 89 days. Instead, you will receive a refund of your contributions to DFRDB, and if applicable, a gratuity.

For further information on preservation and eligibility, please see the DFRDB Book.

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