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Unit prices CSCri

Daily unit prices (Standard)

Unit prices as at 17 October 2018

Investment option Buy ($) Sell ($)
CSCri Cash 1.123492 1.123492
CSCri Income Focused 1.390899 1.387149
CSCri Balanced 1.610304 1.605802
CSCri Aggressive 1.814533 1.809459

Daily unit prices (TRIS)

Unit prices as at 17 October 2018

Investment option Buy ($) Sell ($)
CSCri TRIS Cash 1.019091 1.019091
CSCri TRIS Income Focused 1.081583 1.078451
CSCri TRIS Balanced 1.103519 1.100213
CSCri TRIS Aggressive 1.124631 1.121263

Unit prices and performance 

Unit prices are needed for daily member transactions and will determine the actual performance a member achieves based on the timing of their individual transactions. The unit prices are determined based on the best available information at the time they are declared. Valuations are fed into the unit price calculations as soon as practical after they are received.

Investment performance for each investment option is calculated after fees and taxes. Past performance is no indication of future performance. Investment performance is calculated based on the actual value of investment option assets as at the end of the quoted performance period and is indicative only of the performance that a member achieves on their investment. Performance figures are based on final valuations as at period end. Using unit prices to calculate an investment performance figure for published performance periods will provide similar but not identical rates to the published investment performance figures.

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