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Transition to retirement

You can access your super savings as a regular tax-effective income stream in the lead up to retirement.

Transition to retirement

Transition to retirement strategies are popular with people who have reached their preservation age and are continuing to work. These strategies involve receiving some of your super savings now as a regular tax effective income stream, while salary sacrificing into super.

Please note that transition strategies are not allowed in the PSS under scheme rules. PSS members can however select a transition to retirement income stream through the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation retirement income stream (CSCri). It is one of two income streams available to you, the other being a standard retirement income stream.


To maximise your transition to retirement, you can also join PSSap as an Ancillary Member. See Ancillary Membership for more information.

More information

Like most investments, CSCri is not without risk, including the risk of negative investment returns. For more information about the features, benefits, fees and the risks of investing in CSCri, please refer to the CSCri Product Disclosure Statement.

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