Welcome to The Superannuated Commonwealth Officers’ Association

Never heard of Superannuated Commonwealth Officers’ Association? If you are a member of the CSS or PSS, please read on...

Never heard of Superannuated Commonwealth Officers’ Association?  If you are a member of the CSS or PSS, please read on.

First up, we call ourselves SCOA.  It’s much easier than Superannuation Commonwealth Officers’ Association.

SCOA is one of Australia’s oldest not-for-profit retiree organisations.  It was established in 1923 to represent the interests of retired civilian Australian and Territory government employees and their families who receive an Australian government superannuation benefit (or lump sum) from the CSS, the PSS, the 1922 Act or PNG Schemes on retirement. 

SCOA’s main focus includes things like the indexation and taxation of your pension, your eligibility for the Age Pension and the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, to name but a few.  In recent years, we have expanded our objectives and now work in many other age and retirement related areas to provide information to our members and to recommend policy changes that, if implemented, would benefit most retired Australians.

Some of our biggest achievements include the twice-yearly indexation of Commonwealth and Defence superannuation pensions; reversal of the recent government policy to index the Age Pension by the CPI; and the re-introduction in 2014 of indexation of the thresholds for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.

But we’re not done yet.  There are many more issues where SCOA can work with our members to get a better outcome. That’s why we need you. Whether you are still working or about to retire, or already retired, why not join SCOA?

As a member of SCOA you will receive quarterly newsletters, and you will have access to the vast library of information on our website, or just a phone call away.  You will also have access to Union Shopper shopping discounts and discounted membership of the Qantas Club.

For more information about SCOA, including how to become a member, visit


Please join SCOA today.

Superannuated Commonwealth Officers’ Association

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