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Practical advice if you’re worried about your retirement

Retirement audio story 6 of 8

In our 10-minute Retirement Story podcast you can listen to below, 10 retirees provide the kind of advice and wisdom about how to enjoy retirement that can only come from people who’ve been there and done it themselves. You’ll hear stories from:

  • Marian about where can you go in retirement (that you’ve probably never gone before in your life) if you’ve got good health and a sense of humour

  • Kate about the one reason why retirees should never sit at home bored

  • Jeff about why the day he retired was his worst day (and how he succeeded at retired life despite his initial setback), and

  • Other retirement stories too

This podcast is the sixth story of an 8-part Retirement Stories audio series we’ll publish on this website for your listening pleasure. Do you have your own retirement story to share? We’d love to hear it. Please email your story to

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