Is your investment option right for your time of life?

Our investment offering is designed to help our customers achieve a comfortable retirement (as measured by the ASFA comfortable retirement standard). Every option has been designed to generate a strong, sustainable and competitive return for customers, in accordance with the risks taken.

16 Mar 2020

We offer the choice between three diversified investment options—i.e. Balanced, Aggressive and Income Focused—and one single asset class option—i.e. Cash. 

Our investment options aim to suit our customers during different stages of their life and with different risk appetites. Of course, every customer is different, and you should consider your personal objectives, financial situation and needs when thinking about your investment options.  For more information about your investment options, including fees and risks, please consider the PSSap product disclosure statement.

Generally speaking, early on in your career—when you still have a long time until retirement—you don’t need to access your savings in the short-term. This means you may be prepared to take more risk in exchange for potentially higher returns and invest a greater share of your savings in the higher-growth opportunities of our ‘Aggressive’ option. These investments are likely to fluctuate over shorter horizons, but grow your savings sustainably over the long horizon you have to retirement.

As you progress through your working lifecycle, your investment returns become as important as your contributions. Our ‘Balanced’ option aims to continue growing your savings to achieve a comfortable retirement for the longer term, while managing downside risk.  Our ‘Balanced’ option balances your savings between higher-growth opportunities and capital-preserving assets.

As you near retirement, it’s likely that your focus will shift to protecting the value of your super balance rather than seeking high returns. However, you’ll want to maintain the purchasing power of your savings. Our ‘Income Focused’ option aims to limit capital loss while generating sustainable income that keeps up with inflation.

If you’re in a position to protect your wealth, without worrying about growth, this is where the ‘cash’ option may come into play. Our ‘cash’ option focuses on preserving capital, so it is expected to have lower risk and lower return compared to other options.

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