Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme

The Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme (FITS) is designed to provide visibility over the nature, level, and extent of foreign influence in Australia’s political and governmental processes.

28 Mar 2019

Under the FITS, people who carry out certain activities on behalf of a foreign principal—i.e. a foreign government, a foreign political organisation, or a foreign government related entity or individual—need to register.

Do you need to register?

While we can’t provide you with legal advice on whether or not you need to register, generally speaking you may need to register if:

We encourage all CSC members who aren’t sure if they are affected to read through the factsheets on the Attorney-General’s Department website, and consider carefully whether they have an obligation to register. 

When and how should you register?

Generally, you must register within 14 days if you enter into a relationship with a foreign principal, or undertake a registrable activity on behalf of a foreign principal.

Registration under the scheme is done via the registration portal on the FITS webpage,

Want more information?

If you have read through the fact sheets, and are still not sure if you need to register under the scheme, you can contact the FITS team at, or on (02) 6141 3222

Please note, the team can provide guidance but can’t provide definitive legal advice.

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