CSC’s investment strategy is designed to work for you when markets fall

CSC’s investment strategy is to look forward, so that you can have confidence in realising your retirement goals.

30 Nov 2020

You might be concerned about what the recent equity market falls mean for your retirement. Our investment strategy is specifically designed to work for you through these periods by reducing their impact on your savings. 

CSC’s investment strategy is to look forward to capture most of the appreciation in asset prices, while mitigating the impact of asset price falls, so that you can have confidence in realising your retirement goals.

CSC reduced your exposure to equity markets well ahead of their recent falls, because we assessed prices to be above levels that could be justified. This means that your savings have been less exposed to the falls in equity markets over the past two months. This is demonstrated in CSC being consistently ranked in the top 10 of all comparable Australian superannuation funds, for all of our investment options in all schemes, over this period. 

By pursuing this strategy over the past decade, CSC has consistently delivered on our investment objectives. In our MySuper product, for example, we have done this by avoiding 55% of the losses seen by other super funds through periods of market stress, while still capturing 83% of the positive returns generated by other super funds during periods when public equity markets rose.

This means that despite market uncertainty, you can have confidence that we continue to deliver on our promise to provide you with a very competitive and more dependable outcome in retirement. 

For more information on how CSC invests and our investment performance visit:

Please note that past performance is not indicative of future performance.

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