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People who dedicate themselves to a career with the Australian government or Australian Defence Force deserve our recognition and appreciation. We understand that, because that’s what we do too. And that’s why we will always strive to do more for you. It’s just one way we show our appreciation. #BeSuperAppreciated

No matter what you do, or how long you do it for, CSC is here to look after your super and secure your future.

CSC. Be super appreciated.


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We're proud to share the unique stories of our customers, the people who serve Australia
Our customers dedicate themselves to a career in defence or public service and deserve our recognition and appreciation.

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Be super appreciated. We're the super fund for Australian government employees.

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We’re sharing information to help our customers feel in control of their future and confident in their financial literacy.

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At CSC, we’re here to guide you on your Superannuation journey, but ultimately you’re in control of your super. There are things that only you can do to make sure you’re getting the most out of your savings.

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