Why CSC’s right for you

We’re an organisation dedicated to serving current and former Australian Government employees and ADF members. Since we understand you, we can give you the returns, choice and cover you deserve. With CSC, your commitment is rewarded with ours.

CSC Gets you Decades of experience serving people like you

At CSC, we're dedicated to serving current and former members of the Australian Government and the Australian Defence Force, working to make sure their dedication is rewarded by our commitment

Decades of Service

CSC has decades of experience serving government and ADF employees. We understand what matters.

Global best practice

We’re the only Australian fund on the Bretton Woods II 25 Most Responsible Asset Allocators list, 2017.

You profit

We’re a profit for members fund, meaning the earnings go back to you.

 A fund that gives you more

At CSC, we make sure that your work is rewarded. Compared to other schemes, we ask your Government employers to contribute more. CSC’s PSSap product is also a ‘Platinum Fund’ based on everything from performance to advice.

Platinum Fund

As rated by SuperRatings, an independent comparison agency as at May 2020.*

Higher contributions

15.4% compulsory contribution from APS employers

With CSC, it’s up to you

Your CSC PSSap scheme is built for you. We invest according to the way you balance risk and how fast you want your super to grow. There are four investment options you can choose from.


Low risk investment in cash assets

Income Focused

Low risk investment in a range of assets

MySuper Balanced

Greater returns medium to long term


Greater returns long term but higher risk

Securing your future beyond super

At CSC, eligible PSSap members have access to LifePLUS cover, an insurance product that’s been designed to protect government employees like you in unexpected circumstances. With CSC, you and your family are in safe hands.

1 As assessed and rated by SuperRatings Pty Ltd (ABN 95 100 192 283) on 31 May 2020 - SuperRatings is an independent research house that assesses superannuation funds. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. See the SuperRatings Fundamentals report for PSSap for more details.

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