Investment that’s uniquely yours

When you choose CSC, you’ll be choosing an organisation that’s globally recognised for excellence and innovation in investment. We’ll be putting that expertise to work to help you achieve your goals.

When you choose CSC, you choose a unique organisation that’s designed around you – from our investment practices, to our solutions and the very nature of our organisation.

We pride ourselves on knowing our members better than anyone else. That’s how we maintain our focus on the things that matter – helping them reach their financial goals through our best practice investment. Here’s how we’re you: 

Focused on you.

At CSC, it’s all about you and what you want to achieve. Every step and every action we take is with you, our members in mind. Here are a few reasons why we’re different.

1. You not us

We focus solely on achieving the aspirations of people like you, current and former Commonwealth Government employees and members of the Defence Forces, and have the experience to provide it.

2. Your savings not ours

We don't use your savings to do things like sponsor sports teams or try to grow our funds under management by marketing to members who are not current or former members of the Commonwealth Government or ADF. The money that you contribute to your superannuation is invested in assets and strategies designed to help you get what you need in retirement.

3. Your returns not our fund size

We are a not-for-profit organisation which means we're focused on solely achieving your goals. We don't seek to generate a profit for any shareholders.

4. Your retirement not our profile

We focus on delivering to your financial needs in retirement, not on short-term relative performance.

5. Your success, is ours

Your retirement income objectives are our investment objectives. That’s why we build towards your retirement responsibly, with pro-active strategies to grow and preserve your superannuation savings so that your wealth accumulates to generate income through your retirement. 

6. Big enough but not too big

Because we are not here for everyone, we can offer the full benefits of mid-range fund scale while retaining flexibility.  The combined savings of all of our members are large enough to ensure you meaningful cost savings, but not so large that we can no longer access the most rewarding investment opportunities or be nimble enough to manage your risks in a timely way.

Designed for you.

We’re member-centric by design. Everything from our organisational structure, investment solutions and our risk systems are purpose built to secure your retirement.

We are a Commonwealth entity, providing exclusively for the retirement needs of current and former employees of the Australian Government and members of our Defence Forces.

1. We’re globally, not just locally recognised

While CSC is licensed in Australia by the regulators, APRA and ASIC and rated with Platinum status1 by the SuperRatings agency, we are also recognised internationally:

  • Top 20% ranking in the Most Responsible Asset Allocators Initiative (RAAI) among sovereign wealth and government pension funds around the world2;
  • World Economic Forum recognition as having global best-practice investment governance (2016);
  • Recipient of the Royal Award for Responsible Investment - an inaugural citation developed by the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiatives (UNEP FI) and the Royal Awards for Sustainability. This pre-dated the inception of the United Nations' Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), reflecting CSC's innovative and impactful consideration of ESG factors.
  • 2018 AsianInvestor Institutional Excellence Award for Investment Governance
  • 2019 AsianInvestor Institutional Excellence Award for Investment Innovation 

1 As assessed and rated by SuperRatings Pty Ltd (ABN 95 100 192 283) - an independent research house that assesses superannuation funds on June 2019. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

2 The Bretton Woods II New America RAAI, April 2019.  

2. We build lifecycle solutions not marketing products

We have designed a set of investment options that directly address the different savings and investment challenges that relate to each stage of your working life-cycle. For more information you can read our how options relate to your working life-cycle factsheet.

3. We’re innovators not followers 

We’ve always recognised and implemented good ideas and are proud of our series of firsts – whether it’s investing in new types of financial products, new risk systems or our responsible and sustainable investing.

Here are some of our successes: 

  1. We were the first Australian superannuation fund to implement a fully-integrated, portfolio-wide risk system that provides a consistent analysis of the key risks that matter for your total portfolio.
  2. We were the first Australian superannuation fund to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks into our assessment of an asset’s true value. We were awarded the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investing Innovation award in 2003 for this early work.
  3. We were one of the first investors in private markets and alternative strategies in Australia, dating back nearly a quarter of a century.

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