Understanding Invalidity Retirement benefits

Invalidity Retirement benefits help to support you if you’re forced to retire early from the workforce because you’re sick or injured.

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How to make a claim

Making an Invalidity Retirement claim may be started:

  • by you, after you've made a TPD claim due to illness or injury, or
  • by your employer, if it's clear that you won't be returning to work because of illness or injury.

Note in some cases exclusions and restrictions apply to Death and TPD benefit claims. See When we can't pay Death and TPD benefits for more about this. 

Cover is generally based on your age

If you're with lifePLUS auto, you’ll automatically receive Death and TPD cover that changes depending on your age. Note that age-based and account-balance conditions apply to automatic cover. See Eligibility for Insurance and Cover for details.

Your Death and TPD cover is usually higher when you need it most—during life stages where you might face bigger costs or more expenses, like when you buy a home or start a family. Your cover is usually lower when you’re likely to rely on insurance the least—during life stages when your income is highest, like when you're contributing more to your super and when your mortgage decreases.

If you have lifePLUS choice, you can choose age-based Death and TPD cover at any time. Note, if your current level of cover is less than the aged-based cover that would normally apply to you, you'll have to go through a full insurance application process.

You can fix or tailor your cover

If you have lifePLUS auto cover, you can:

  • fix your level of cover at any time
  • apply for extra cover under lifePLUS choice through a full insurance application process.

Use our LIFEapp calculator to help you decide how much Death, TPD and Income Protection insurance you may need. You’ll need to enter some personal and financial details to crunch the numbers.

If you’d like to change your cover, log into your account to make the change or complete and return the lifePLUS Application and variation form.

You might be able to transfer other insurance to CSC

If you currently have Death and TPD cover with other insurers or super funds, you might be able to transfer this to us without undergoing medical checks and the underwriting process. To do this:

  • you must be under 55 and an Australian resident,
  • you must be transferring a maximum of $2m overall, with only $1m per transfer,
  • you must cancel your cover with the other super funds or insurers, and
  • you must satisfactorily complete the Transfer of cover form and the insurer accepts and approves it.

Complete and return the Transfer of cover form to apply. The full terms and conditions are on the form.


You might be eligible for a Terminal Illness benefit

If you have a terminal illness, you might be eligible to claim a Terminal Illness benefit that’s equal to the amount of your Death cover.

To apply for a Terminal Illness benefit, you must have a Terminal Illness, and this means:

  • you suffer from an illness, or have incurred an injury, which two Medical Practitioners have certified, jointly or separately, and in the opinion of the insurer, is likely to result in your death within 24 months from the date of the certification (the “certification period”) regardless of any reasonable treatment undertaken, and
  • at least one of the Medical Practitioners is a specialist practising in an area related to the illness or injury suffered by you, and
  • the certification period has not ended for each of the certificates.

You’ll find more information in the Insurance and your PSSap Super booklet.

When does my cover start?

See Death and TPD and cover for details.

When does my cover stop?

See Death and TPD and cover for details.

Can I cancel my lifePLUS cover?

You can cancel your Death and TPD cover at any time, and you can also cancel your TPD cover. But you can’t cancel only your Death cover.

If you cancel cover and want to be covered again in the future, you will have to go through a full insurance application process.

To talk to us before cancelling your lifePLUS cover, call 1300 725 171. We're here to help. Or, if you’re ready to cancel your cover, log into your account and go to the Insurance section.

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