Understanding Death benefits

Planning for when you’re not going to be around can feel morbid. But with the right insurance cover and instructions about where you’d like your super benefits to go, you can rest easy knowing your family will have financial support.

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Do you need to let us know a family member or friend has passed away?

Coping when someone close to us dies is difficult in times of sorrow. If you’re going through this, we’re so sorry—and please know we’re here to support you through making a Death benefit claim. You can call us on 02 6192 9521, or if you’d prefer to send an email, please use this form.

Who can make a Death benefit claim?

If you’re a dependant or beneficiary of the CSC customer who has died, you may be able to make a Death benefit claim. If CSC and the insurer (if applicable) approve your claim, you will receive a lump-sum Death benefit payment.

The Death benefit payment may be made up of:

  • an insurance benefit payment, if the person who died had Death and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) cover, and
  • a super benefit payment.

For more information, go to I’m a beneficiary.

Peace of mind for you and your family

Our members want financial security for their families, and peace of mind for themselves and due to the nature of military service, it’s often hard for members to obtain death and invalidity cover at a reasonable cost. ADF Cover makes it easy.

Refer to ADF Cover to find out more about death and invalidity benefits and prepare a Planning ahead pack.

Your Accumulated Super

Don’t forget, if you die, your accumulated super benefit may also be paid to your dependents or to your estate.

It's important to nominate beneficiaries for your super. Your super may be paid to them as long as they were still your dependant when you died.

More information

How to make a claim

You can make a claim in four simple steps.

Note, in some cases exclusions and restrictions apply to Death and TPD benefit claims. See When we can't pay Death and TPD benefits for more information about this.

Age based cover

If you’re with lifePLUS auto, you’ll automatically receive Death and TPD cover that changes depending on your age. Note that age-based and account-balance conditions apply to automatic cover. See Eligibility for Insurance and Cover for details.

Your Death and TPD cover is usually higher when you need it most—during life stages where you might face bigger costs or more expenses, like when you buy a home or start a family. Your cover is usually lower when you’re likely to rely on insurance the least—during life stages when your income is highest, like when you're contributing more to your super and when your mortgage decreases.

If you're on lifePLUS choice, you can choose age-based Death and TPD cover at any time. Note, if your current level of cover is less than the aged-based cover that would normally apply to you, you'll have to go through a full insurance application process.

You can fix or tailor your cover

If you have lifePLUS auto cover, you can:

  • fix your Death and TPD cover so that it stays the same every year until you turn 61.
  • apply for extra cover under lifePLUS choice through a full insurance application process.

Use our LIFEapp calculator to help you estimate how much Death, TPD and Income Protection insurance you may need. You’ll need to enter some personal and financial details to crunch the numbers.

If you’d like to change your cover, log into your account to make the change or complete and return the lifePLUS Application and variation form.

You might be able to transfer other insurance to CSC

If you currently have Death and TPD cover with other insurers or super funds, you might be able to transfer this to us without undergoing medical checks and the underwriting process. To do this:

  • you must be under 55 and an Australian resident,
  • you must be transferring a maximum of $2m overall, with only $1m per transfer,
  • you must cancel your cover with the other super funds or insurers, and
  • you must satisfactorily complete the Transfer of cover form and the insurer accepts and approves it.

Complete and return the Transfer of cover form to apply. The full terms and conditions are on the form.

You might be eligible for a Terminal Illness benefit

If you have a terminal illness, you might be eligible to claim a Terminal Illness benefit that is equal to the amount of your Death cover.

To apply for a Terminal Illness benefit, you must have a Terminal Illness, and this means:

  • you suffer from an illness, or have incurred an injury, which two Medical Practitioners have certified, jointly or separately, and in the opinion of the insurer, is likely to result in your death within 24 months from the date of the certification (the “certification period”) regardless of any reasonable treatment undertaken, and
  • at least one of the Medical Practitioners is a specialist practising in an area related to the illness or injury suffered by you, and
  • the certification period has not ended for each of the certificates.

If you successfully claim your Terminal Illness benefit, your Death cover will cease. 

You’ll find more information in the Insurance and your PSSap Super booklet.

When does my cover start?

See Eligibility for Insurance for details.

When does my cover stop?

Your Death and TPD cover stops on the date whichever of the following events happens first:

  • You stop being a PSSap customer
  • You turn 70
  • You die
  • You tell us in writing that you want to cancel your cover
  • Your unpaid insurance premiums are 60 days overdue
  • You’re not an Australian resident and you permanently leave Australia, or you become ineligible to work in Australia
  • You make a claim for terminal illness or TPD benefits. Note that if your Death cover is higher than your TPD cover, your remaining Death cover will continue.
  • We don’t receive a contribution to your super account for a continuous period of 16 months (your account becomes inactive) and you haven’t written to us to let us know you’d like to keep your cover while your account is inactive
  • We terminate the policy with the insurer (if this happens we’ll give you 30 days’ notice ahead of doing this)

See Eligibility for Insurance for details.

Can I cancel my lifePLUS cover?

You can cancel your Death and TPD cover at any time, and you can also cancel your TPD cover. But you can’t cancel only your Death cover.

If you cancel cover and want to be covered again in the future, you’ll need to apply and will be subject to underwriting and approval by the insurer. You may not be able to get cover or cover may be offered on modified terms and conditions.

To talk to us before cancelling your lifePLUS cover, call 1300 725 171. We're here to help. Or, if you’re ready to cancel your cover, log into your account and go to the Insurance section or complete a Cancellation of cover form.


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