Learning Hub

Everyone learns in different ways. When it’s a topic that’s as complex as super and retirement, we make sure you can learn your way whether its face to face or online.

We know that everyone has different learning styles and that it can be hard to digest information simply by reading it. No matter how you learn, whether it’s face to face interaction or video, we want to help make sure you’re supported through your retirement journey. At CSC, we’re here to help. That’s why we offer our guidance in 3 main ways:

  1. Seminars – our in-person seminars open to the public
  2. Webinars – live online forums where we guide you through selected topics and answer your questions
  3. In-house seminars – seminars at your place of work, coordinated by your employer. If you’re an employer who wants to coordinate an In-house seminar, do contact us at: atworkforemployers@csc.gov.au


In these sessions, we go through a wide range of topics. They can be the nuts and bolts of your super product – for example, rules and investment options, how best to plan for retirement and even strategies as to how best to grow your super.

See if there’s a webinar or seminar you’d like to attend below: