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The more you give the more you get

It’s a scientific fact that people who give generously of their time and effort feel better about life and about themselves.

09 May 2018

If you talk to someone who devotes a lot of their time to helping others through community work or other charitable activities, you’ll find that their contributions make them happy. It’s a scientific fact that people who give generously of their time and effort feel better about life and about themselves. They enjoy the feelings of achievement and fulfilment and their efforts add purpose to their lives.

So it’s a win–win situation. The receiver of the good deed benefits and so does the giver.

When we are working full-time, raising a family and heavily involved in just holding it all together, it’s a bit difficult to find the time for much volunteer work (although a lot of people do). However when we reach that time of our lives when we are retired on either a full or part-time basis, we can find the time to 'give back' something to the community. As well as the benefits mentioned earlier, volunteering is a great way to meet new people and learn new skills.

Volunteering has grown into a large and sophisticated industry, with vacancies for a diverse range of skills. Once you decide to 'put something back' into the community, you’ll be amazed at the options available to you. At the more adventurous level, you can travel overseas to dozens of developing countries to assist in various community projects. There’s a whole industry developed around this idea and there are groups leaving Australia nearly every month of the year. You can volunteer for anything from two weeks to twelve months. If you’d like to find out more, just Google 'volunteering overseas' and you’ll find plenty of reputable organisations who can help you find something you’d like to do.

If you’d prefer to stay closer to home and volunteer at times to suit you, there are also lots of opportunities. Many church, community and charitable organisations would like to talk to you.

Some of the web sites where you can check out various volunteering options are:

Remember, it’s not just about performing mundane or unskilled work. If you have a talent and you want to use it to help some people less fortunate than you, then you are on your way to living a happier, more fulfilling life. If you feel good about what you’re doing this will improve both your physical and mental fitness. As I said at the beginning … the more you contribute, the more you will benefit.

'This article originally appeared on the My Life Change website and has been reproduced with permission from Paul McKeon of Baby Boomers Life Change Pty Ltd'

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