The great autobiography not yet written

Retirees tell us life lessons for a happy and meaningful retired life

05 Jun 2018

Were you ever told to read a great autobiography if you want real-life advice that works? These are typically the books of war heroes, world leaders, humanitarians, sports people (and the list goes on), packed full of life changing stories of human tragedy and triumph.

And so you can get some real-life retirement advice that may work for you too (without having to read a dense and lengthy book) we asked our pensioners to tell us their lessons from retired life… the kind of lessons they know to be true because they lived the lessons themselves…

Here’s what they told us:

  • Value your time (it can be worth more than money) by planning how you’ll spend your time,  instead of letting it disappear because you’ve got more of it
  • Your anima (i.e. your inner personality) can play a more prominent role in retirement than your persona (i.e. your perceived personality)
  • Plan for a reasonable level of financial freedom (based on your own needs) in retirement (however: don’t sweat the pension dollars, because if you think you grew your pile of pension dollars big enough, you probably did…)
  • Learn about yourself and what you like (for instance, you may need a challenge, mental stimulation, structure and belief in the worthiness of any task you take on… so try to learn about yourself before retirement, then hit the ground running…)
  • Join communities of like-minded people (so you can talk about stuff you like with people who like the same stuff…)
  • Let it go! (Adopt this carefree mindset by taking things and people as they come, breathing deeply and jumping into whatever is available to you in the moment…)
  • And if you don’t mow the lawn today, there’s always tomorrow!

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