Sherry’s retirement story

Sherry had one goal in mind when she started her food blog: To be the happiest food blogger in history…

09 May 2018

Sherry had one goal in mind when she started her food blog:

To be the happiest food blogger in history…

“My food blog keeps me very busy, has allowed me to make lots of new “virtual” friends, and has meant that I have had to learn lots of new skills, including food styling and photography”.

Sherry retired from the public sector in 2013. She lives in sunny Brisbane with her husband, Peter. She says they’ve been happily married for “way too many years to count”.

As well as her food blog, Sherry spends her time jumping into digital history projects for the National Library and her local history society.

“I love history! I have had a lot of fun getting stuck into researching the local cemetery for a photographic database, and correcting newspaper texts for the National Library”.

Sherry describes her time retired as “an exhilarating roller coaster ride” because she gets to do things she loves on her own schedule. But there are obstacles to overcome too.

For example, “A tiny obstacle is feeling that other people look at you as slightly less than you were since you’re no longer in the workforce.”

Sherry’s advice?

“Just ignore it!”

Her other advice for happy and meaningful retirement lifestyle includes:

  • Let it go (“as they say in the song”) by taking a deep breath and jumping into whatever activities and pursuits are available to you
  • Keep busy and active (e.g. swim, walk, etc)
  • Get out of the house and see people (or invite friends to dinner!)
  • Ensure you have interests and hobbies before you retire
  • Build on those in retirement
  • Stay involved, interested and informed
  • Make sure you don’t disappear

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