Different ways of enjoying retirement

Who are your role models for living a happy and satisfying retirement? Maybe you can find inspiration in some of these lifestyle choices.

09 May 2018

Henry, how are you approaching retirement?

Well, I'm looking around me. Drawing on role models of friends who I think are doing it well and in ways that appeal to me. They give me insights into where I want to go with my retirement. These are men who have done well in their working lives, I respect them.

Arnie is doing constructive part-time work based on his professional experience. He's one of the reasons I moved to part time work before I retired. What I really like though is that he faces the world with equanimity. I have yet to get to that! He has enthusiasm for every aspect of life and gives of himself in teaching in Australia and in 3rd world countries. A great balance between part time work, keeping fit, going to the theatre, reading, and at home interests including the grandchildren.

Geoff appeals to my solitary and intellectual nature, the side of me that always wanted to read history. It is unbelievably good to have the prospect of reading all the books in my library awaiting my time and attention, plus the great classics. I've always been intellectually curious and I love the idea that I can now follow my own interest, in my own time and my own way. I intend to do some formal study and research and keep on learning. Beyond that, I'll get out to some vineyards - I love trying out new wines - can't you see me in the evenings quietly sipping red wine, listening to my CD's and now on my Kobo as well as in paper editions, getting into new books?

Roger is a very capable business man. When I go there I know we will luxuriate in an excellent dinner, great discussion, and fine wines. But do you know what is really interesting about him? He's exploring how to retire without over spending. He frequents wine shops for bin ends so that he can offer good wines that don't cost a lot. When he travels he uses frequent flyer points and explores different combinations of cheap flights. Loves the challenge of doing things as well as possible at the cheapest possible price!

Great role models.

And you Jane, what are you up to, now you've retired?

Well, I'm exploring new places, on foot. Exploring as much of the world as I can before my body says 'No more'!

Never much of a walker - I was always too busy - driving everywhere in Sydney, rushing back and forth. A friend got me interested - we'd both just lost our husbands and she was talking to someone we knew about the Camino de Santiago - it's an absolutely marvellous thing to do, walk across the top of Spain - walking, moving, changing terrain, meeting other people on pilgrimages of one sort or another, getting fascinating glimpses of history in small towns along the way, and plenty of contemplative and reflective time if you want it.

I didn't have an adolescence of trying new things going where I wanted to. I was too conformist then - but not now. There's such a wonderful freedom in ageing, in being able to try out new things, keeping on learning and exploring and developing - new languages so as to travel better, painting so as to appreciate light, shade and colour in landscapes. In a way I'm picking up on some of my missing bits, re-jigging myself, putting myself back together again in new form. So much beauty in the world when we take the time, simply to be...

The opposite of my friend Anna. She always wanted a business of her own, loves being on the go, enjoys the buzz. She's doing great stuff and working incredibly hard for the benefit of vulnerable children and education, in Cambodia. She is inspirational. But retirement for me is not about work. I've done that. I'm enjoying 'me time', friends and family.

Just been walking in the Yorkshire Dales, Ilkley to Bowness. Those green lands are now imprinted on my brain, in brilliant contrast to the Australian bush! Which is where I'm walking next.

She encourages couples to make choices which will contribute to an enjoyable and satisfying retirement. For more information, to speak to any of the members of the team.

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