The Compass Program: How we're making changes based off your feedback

Find out about our listening program – surveys, complaints and other feedback we collect to understand what you, our customers, think.

09 Dec 2020

What is the Compass program?

It's the name of our listening program. The Compass points us in the right direction, making sure we’re on the right track to meeting your needs and it gives us the opportunity to correct our course in response to your feedback.

What have we done with your feedback, and what are we looking to do in the future?

Every month we run a town hall that we call ‘The Compass Forum’. It’s open to all of our staff, and we use this time to tell everyone what you’ve been telling us – what is most important to you, changes we could make to improve your experience with us and things to look out for to help you in everyday situations.

We’ve made some big changes in the past year based off your feedback.

Loss & Hardship Support Team

What you told us

Our process for submitting a death benefit application passed you to too many different people, we were expecting too much documentation from you, there were long wait times, and we weren’t contacting you often enough.

What we’ve done

We assembled a team to handle the whole process from the first call to the final payment. As a result:

  • average processing timeframes have reduced from 9 business days to 3;
  • family members now have one point of contact with their case manager who assists them end to end;
  • applicants can now complete their application on the phone with a verbal declaration replacing a signed form;
  • the team has now taken on Early Release Financial Hardship cases as of 21 September, following the same verbal application process customers that prefer that option.


We understand that knowing more about how your money is being invested is important to you – a wide variety of our customers have told us it’s on their mind.

To help you find out more about it, we’ve set up a new investment hub, with videos about risk adjusted returns and active ownership, and more information for you to find out about your money.

Our latest investment newsletter Investments

Q&A videos

Earlier in the year, Our Chief Customer Officer, Peter Jamieson, asked our customers if they had questions about their super. ‘Ask the CCO’ generated over 812 requests including 272 personal questions and 540 general questions. We’re using your feedback to develop new resources that help you to feel confident about your financial future. You can see some of our new videos below.

Digital Welcome

What you told us

Our new customers have generally been happy with the welcome letter they received when they joined, but some of our customers didn’t receive it and most customers were unlikely to take action if they did receive a copy. We also had repeated issues with the quality and accuracy of the letters.

What we’ve done

As of July 2020, new PSSap and ADF customers started to receive a brand new digital welcome experience that is simpler and easier to understand.

The new experience offers greater personalisation, simpler insurance information and choices, and the ability to update your details quickly and easily.

Digital statements for PSSap and ADF Super

Our annual statements are one of our key interactions with you every year ― it’s important we get these right. We know there are a number of ways we can improve these to suit you better, so this year we piloted digital statements for our PSSap and ADF Super customers.

One of your biggest pain points has been the need to remember your account number and password to access your statement. This year, you didn’t need to. Every customer was emailed a personalised URL validated using information personal to them. Delivering annual statements to our customer’s emails allowed us to reduce approximately 20,000 printed statements and improve accessibility.

The new digital experience also allowed us to improve how personalised the statement was to your needs through tailoring content and imagery. We also took the re-design opportunity to remove jargon and summarise key facts you need to know based on extensive customer testing. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped us design the new statement.

Around 1,800 customers have completed the survey (simply by clicking the link within their statement) and 53% rated their statement satisfaction as 9 or 10 out of 10.

Find out more about annual statements


We want to hear it all—the good, the bad, the ugly, and the amazing.

Log a compliment: If we've done something really well and you want to send a compliment—about us in general or a CSC staff member in particular—we would love to hear it.

Make a recommendation: If you've noticed something that doesn't quite work, or have an idea on how we could improve, please make a recommendation.

Provide feedback: You can provide feedback on anything and everything; and if you would like us to contact you to discuss your feedback, we will.

Lodge a formal complaint: You can lodge a complaint to CSC, which will trigger our formal complaint handling process.

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