Solid return for PSSap MySuper Balanced

CSC’s PSSap MySuper Balanced fund delivered a 9.27% return for the financial year to 30 June 2018.

25 Jul 2018

This result is above the industry median annual return of 9.22% for MySuper balanced funds (SuperRatings SR50 Balanced Index).

The result places the PSSap MySuper Balanced fund in the 2nd quartile of the top 50 balanced funds over this period, and also comfortably exceeds CSC’s annual return target of 5.7% (CPI plus 3.5%).

The investment returns for the PSSap MySuper Balanced fund over other time periods were:

Time period (rolling to 30 June 2018)  Return (%) 
 3 years  6.77%
 5 years  8.78%
 7 years  8.53%
 10 years  5.95%


For more information of how CSC invests, our investment experience, and our investment performance, see our Investment page. 

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