Making the transition that little bit easier

Recent changes mean you can now keep your ADF Super even when you transition out.

01 Dec 2020

Supporting veterans and their families is something we’re especially proud of at CSC. We’re pleased to say that we’ll soon be able to continue this support when our veterans leave the defence force.

Changes in the Defence Legislation Amendment (Miscellaneous Measures) Bill 2020 mean that from 6 July 2020, veterans with at least 12 months’ continuous service can keep their ADF Super account when they transition out—giving veterans one less thing to worry about when taking the leap into civilian life.

We’re also bringing in a new insurance product designed especially for ex-serving personnel (TPD and death cover, and optional income protection).

Bottom line: if you get out, you can stay with us.

For more information, including the answers to some frequently asked questions, head over to Getting out? You can keep your ADF Super

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Getting out? You can keep your ADF Super

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