Free online education sessions for ADF members

Online sessions will ensure that the Defence and Veteran communities can continue to receive free educational support on select topics related to superannuation and retirement.

01 Dec 2020

CSC is offering free online education and information sessions for ADF and Military personnel around Australia, to ensure members continue to be informed and supported during this time. 

While typically offered as in-house seminars and one-on-one consultations, CSC has moved all its face-to-face customer education and information sessions online amid COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

The online sessions are designed to provide members with the information and support they need to better understand their super and retirement. Beyond general information about members’ super products, the sessions cover a range of topics, from rules and investment options, to strategies for growing your super, and how to plan for retirement. 

The webinars will take the form of live forums where CSC representatives will guide members through select topics and address their questions. Upcoming webinars include:

  • ‘How much is enough’ (20 May & 22 June): A discussion on achieving a comfortable retirement.
  • Women and Super (22 May & 22 June): How to overcome some of the unique challenges women face with their super
  • ADF Medical Transition and your Super (22 May & 19 June): Understanding how super works when members are transitioning medically from the ADF
  • MilitarySuper Overview (19 May & 18 June): Learn the basics of MilitarySuper including contribution and retirement options

  • DFRDB Overview (19 May & 16 June): Learn about the DFRDB pension and commutation options and how they are calculated

“These are challenging times and naturally, people are concerned about their financial security and superannuation. We know that recent events are having a significant impact on the daily lives on our members so we’re doing all we can to ensure they continue to feel supported,” said CSC Chief Customer Officer, Peter Jamieson.

“We also recognise that superannuation and retirement are complex topics. In the midst of social distancing restrictions, these live forums will provide a safe, supportive and collaborative space for our members to learn and have their questions and concerns addressed.

“We are an organisation dedicated to serving our members and this new online approach ensures we’re able to continue doing that,” he added.

The forums are free and offered around Australia. You can access a list of upcoming webinars on our webinars page, and register your interest to attend  by emailing

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