Annual Statements and EOFY

Now that the financial year has ended, we're getting ready to prepare your Annual Statement.

17 Aug 2018

Now that the financial year has come to a close, our teams have kicked into overdrive to prepare, check, and then send your Annual Statement to you.

Email is the quickest and easiest way we can get information to you. If you’ve chosen to receive your annual member statement electronically, you will get an email letting you know that your statement is ready to view in your member online services.

If you have elected to receive your statement by post, or if we do not have an email address on file for you, your statement will be posted to your nominated address.

It’s a good idea to log into your account before August to make sure your contact details and mailing preferences are up-to-date.

If you haven't used online services before, or if you've forgotten your details, it only takes a few minutes to register for an account or reset your password.

See the table below for our distribution schedule:




First and second Week of August

PSS, CSS, DFRDB and MilitarySuper

Electronic statements

Third and fourth week of August

PSSap, ADF and CSCri

Electronic and Mail statements

First week of September

PSS, CSS, DFRDB and MilitarySuper

Mail Statements


Your Annual Statement contains a lot of important information about your superannuation, but you don’t need your statement to do your tax return.

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