Left the ADF? You can keep your ADF Super account

Good news! If you've served for more than 12 consecutive months, you can now keep contributing to your ADF Super account.

20 Aug 2020

Here at CSC, we’re proud to support veterans and families—from the day you sign up, throughout your service career, your transition to civilian life, your retirement, and beyond. From all of us, thank you for choosing to serve and protect our country.
If you discharged before 6 July 2020, legislation applied saying you can only be in ADF Super if you’re serving in the ADF. We didn’t believe this was the right option for you, so this legislation has changed.
Veterans can now continue to contribute to ADF Super if they have at least 12 months continuous service.

Keep Your Super with CSC

Good news! If you've served for at least 12 consecutive months, you're eligible to keep your super with us and continue making contributions into your account. If you stick with us, we’ll continue to look after you and your super as we always have. You’ll keep access to:

  • Award-winning investment outcomes, and our recognised strong returns
  • Competitive fees that go right back into providing services for you
  • Free education sessions and online webinars to help you get the most out of your super
  • Ongoing connection with our financial wellbeing and wellness hubs
  • Simple financial advice at no additional cost

If you have a new employer, they can pay into your ADF Super account.

Just download a Superannuation Standard Choice Form below and submit it to your employer.

Download ADF Super choice form

What about your insurance?

More good news! We’ve designed an insurance product especially for ex-serving personnel (including Total Permanent Disability (TPD), death, and optional income protection cover). You’ll be eligible to apply for our new lifePLUS Protect cover at any time if you stay with ADF Super.

Your ADF Cover doesn’t cover you for new events that happen after you transition to civilian life. This is because ADF Cover is designed specifically for serving members of the ADF, and so the death and invalidity benefits are tailored specifically for those in service.

Find out more about lifePLUS Protect below.

lifePLUS Protect

We’re here to help

You can contact us at members@adfsuper.gov.au or call 1300 203 439 if you have any questions. You can also view your current account details at any time on Member Online services.

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