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We've got you covered with lifePLUS

Generally, when you join PSSap as a new Customer—as a permanent employee, an employee with a contract of more than three months or a casual employee—you’re eligible for lifePLUS auto cover, or you can apply for tailored cover through lifePLUS choice if that suits you better. For lifePLUS auto, your work status, your age and your account balance when you join drive whether or not your cover is automatically switched on or if you have to opt in to get it. That means, unless you opted out of cover or you weren’t eligible for it, it’s likely you have Income Protection, and Death and TPD insurance through your super. To find out exactly what you're covered for, log into your account, or read through your annual statement from us.

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Flexible cover

If you are a contributing member of PSS or CSS, you can also access flexible Death, Total and Permanent Disablement and Income Protection through lifePLUS choice if you join PSSap.

Find out more about Ancillary membership

Why lifePLUS?

The unexpected can happen and, if it does, insurance is there to get you through.

Group insurance, like lifePLUS, gives you access to cover that’s not usually available to individuals. Insurance through super can be cost-effective, because group insurance often means lower premiums.

LifePLUS premiums are paid from your super balance and not your take-home pay, which can help make managing your finances easy.

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Want to know more about lifePLUS?

Log into your member services online portal to find out more about your particular insurance details. Or, for more general information about the insurance options available to you, head over to our YouTube channel  to discover more about lifePLUS. 

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Back on track with RESTORE rehab

When you have to take a long time off work because you’re sick or injured, it can be hard to get back into the rhythm of things again.

But getting back to work can be an important part of your recovery. Many studies have found that returning to work restores more than your income—it can also restore your sense of purpose.

As a lifePLUS Customer, you have access to one of the largest and most experienced team of rehabilitation professionals in Australia, through the AIA RESTORE program.

Learn how we support our customers to get back on track. - LifePLUS - AIA Restore Program
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We’ve done the hard yards

We’ve used all of our experience to compare and choose an insurance provider and default offering that we think will serve most customers best. We also know some of our customers will need more flexibility when it comes to insurance.

With CSC, you can have it any way you like: keep the auto cover, change your cover through lifePLUS choice, opt out of lifePLUS altogether or sign up to any other policy, outside your super.

If you’re not sure, let us help. As a PSSap customer, you have access to simple advice—like whether you have the right level of insurance—and it won’t cost you a thing to ask us about that before you make any big decisions. To book an appointment call 1300 277 777, or email us for financial advice.

How much cover do I need?

Though we all secretly think ‘it’ll never happen to me’, injury or illness can happen to anyone, any time. Having the right level of insurance cover can give you some financial security if the unthinkable does happen. To find out how much Death, Total and Permanent Disablement and Income Protection insurance you may need, run the numbers through our LIFEapp calculator. You’ll need to enter some personal and financial details.

Who gets my super when I die?  

Generally, you can’t leave your super to a particular person in your will, so let us know how you want your super to be paid when you die.

You don’t have to nominate a beneficiary, but having a nomination in place tells us who you want to look after financially after you’ve gone. To nominate, change or cancel a beneficiary nomination, just complete our Binding beneficiary nomination form. 

If you nominate a person who isn’t your legal personal representative, and that person is no longer a dependant under superannuation law when you die, we don’t have to pay your benefits according to that nomination.

You’ll need to renew your nomination every three years for it to stay valid, and we’ll do our best to contact you before the three-year period ends.

If circumstances change after you’ve nominated, you can change or cancel your nomination at any time.


Read more about lifePLUS insurance, including conditions, exclusions, eligibility, premiums, claims, and nominations

PSSap Product Disclosure Statement

This document provides important information about the features, benefits, risk and cost of investing your super in PSSap Super.

PDF, 411KB

lifePLUS Insurance in Superannuation - Key Fact Sheet

Insurance in Super Key Fact Sheet

PDF, 531KB


When the unexpected happens, we want you to be sure you’re in safe hands. Living a full life comes with risk. Whether it’s an injury that takes you out of work for a few months, or something more serious or even permanent, you and your family deserve to be provided for. That’s what lifePLUS is for.

For PSS, CSS or PSSap members wanting more information about lifePLUS, visit the insurance & cover page, or watch the videos below. 

Additional cover

CSC offers Additional Death and Invalidity Cover (ADIC) to PSS members to help ensure that the cover they have meets their needs, and the needs of their family. You may be entitled to increase the amount you are covered for on death or invalidity by purchasing ADIC insurance, which helps to maximise your PSS benefits should you become permanently incapacitated, or when you die. 

The cost of ADIC is also subsidised by your employer at varying rates, depending on your personal risk profile. For example, your employer will contribute half the standard premium if you are identified to be of good health and do not engage in hazardous pursuits.  

Further information is available in the ‘Insurance in your super’ section of the PSS Product Disclosure Statement and the Death and invalidity benefits booklet available in the product disclosure statement section of our website. 

Partners for life  

Generally, you can't leave your super to a particular person in your will, so it’s important to let us know how you want your super to be paid when you die. Nominating a beneficiary is not mandatory, but it can help to provide peace of mind. When you die, your accumulated super benefit can be paid to your dependants, or to your estate. 

To nominate, change or revoke a beneficiary you need to complete our Binding beneficiary nomination form. In the event of your death, CSC must pay your superannuation benefit to your nominated beneficiary, unless it would be unlawful to do so. If you nominate a person other than a Legal Personal Representative, and that person is no longer a dependant under superannuation law at the time of your death, we are not required to pay your benefits according to that nomination.

You’ll need to renew your nomination every three years for it to remain valid, we’ll do our best to contact you before your three year period ends, but you should also keep a note for your own records just to be sure.

Further information can be found in the:

MB02 MS Death and dependants’ benefits

Death benefits if a member dies as a contributing, preserved benefit or retired member

PDF, 339KB

DB01 DFRDB Dependants’ benefits

DFRDB benefits paid to eligible dependants

PDF, 381KB

If you want to change or cancel your cover at any time, you can give us a call on 1300 725 171. You can also vary your cover by:


We’ve signed up to the insurance voluntary code of practice

What is the Code?

The Insurance in Superannuation Voluntary Code of Practice (the Code) is the super industry's commitment to performing to high standards when it comes to providing insurance to super fund Customers.

The main objective of the Code is to improve:

  • the insurance products that super funds offer to their customers, and
  • insurance processes, from taking out cover, through to lodging claims and offering rehab, to managing beneficiaries and benefit payments.

The Code came into effect on 1 July 2018and you didn’t have to ask us twice to take it up. We believe that making values-based decisions in the insurance space leads to more affordable, effective insurance cover for our Customers.

Want to know more?

Download the Code of Practice here

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