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We've collected information on this page to keep you up-to-date with annual statements, and help answer any questions you may have.

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Ready to make the switch to digital?

If you currently get your annual statement in the post, why not make this the year you go digital? Simply log into your member services online account and update your mailing preferences. You’ll need to make the change before 23 July if you want to receive your annual statement electronically. 

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* according to data from the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia Limited

How much is enough?

The ASFA Retirement Standard* finds that a couple needs $62,269 to retire comfortably, and a single person needs $44,146 a year. Your personal circumstances and your retirement goals are unique, so finding out how much you should save is important. 

Simple steps to boost your retirement

There are some simple things you can do now to help get your super on track to be the best it can be. 

Consolidate super

Having your super in one account could mean less paperwork and reduced fees, which can equate to more savings in the long run. 

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Get financial advice

Whatever your situation, our financial planners can help you lay out step-by-step path to help get where you want to be.

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Make additional contributions

Little things can make a big impact. Topping up your super is easy, and can make a significant difference to your final balance.

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Understand your investment options

Investment earnings can turn into real growth for your super, and we are globally recognised for excellence and innovation in investment.  

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Got a question, we are here to help.

CSC are pleased to offer all members a complimentary 15 minute conversation with one our financial planning specialists to answer your questions.

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Your guide to 2019/20 annual statements

2019/20 annual statements timeline
a timeline of events for annual statements

How do we perform

Love charts and data? see how we're performing by the numbers.

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How we invest

Get to know our Investment philosophy.

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Investment disclosure

Take a deep dive with information on asset exposure.

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Your investment options

Understand the measures we put in place to achieve investment performance.

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Family & Beneficiaries

Your family is important and understanding how to protect them if the worst happens can give you peace of mind.

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Consolidate super

Consolidate your super and have more time to enjoy your life after retirement.

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Plan retirement

Forward planning can have a big impact on your financial situation in retirement

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