Important information about fees and other changes

Information about fees, and recent changes introduced by the Treasury Laws Amendment (Protecting Your Superannuation Package) Act 2019

A notice regarding fees and other changes was sent to ADF super and PSSap customers from 17 May 2019. The text of the notice is as follows: 

From 1 July 2019, the administration fee charged on  ADF Super and PSSap accounts will change from $60 to $84 per annum, and a number of other legislative changes potentially affecting your super will also come into effect.

As a profit-for-customers super fund, we only charge fees to cover the costs of operating the fund. This means we don’t make a profit to pay to shareholders.

Why do our fees have to change?

As a result of recent changes introduced by the Treasury Laws Amendment (Protecting Your Superannuation Package) Act 2019 and other increased operating costs, we’ve had to review our fees. From 1 July 2019, your annual administration fee will increase to $84.
Exit fees currently charged on partial or full withdrawals will also cease from 1 July 2019. And, if your account balance is below $6,000 at the end of any financial year (or when you close your account), most fees* in excess of 3% of your account balance at that time will be refunded to you.

What else is changing from 1 July

Low balance inactive accounts may be transferred to the ATO
If your account balance is below $6,000, and you have not had any activity** on your account for a period of 16 continuous months, we are now required to transfer this balance to the ATO as ‘unclaimed super’. We will advise you before we take this action. Wherever possible, the ATO will then consolidate this balance into an active super fund that you hold.

Insurance coverage will cease for inactive PSSap accounts regardless of balance
Insurance cover will cease for PSSap accounts that have not had contributions or received other amounts for 16 continuous months.
If your account is 'inactive’ you can still choose to keep your insurance—you just need to let us know in writing that you want to keep it. If your account is at risk of becoming ‘inactive’ we will contact you so that you can let us know if you would like to keep your insurance.
If you need help to review your current insurance needs, you can log into your PSSap online account and use the LIFEapp insurance calculator. This calculator is a general tool to assist you in determining whether you are adequately protected.

Need further information?

Detailed information about our fees and costs is set out in the relevant Product Disclosure Statement, which is available at
You can also refer to the ‘Protecting Your Superannuation Package’ article on our website, and our frequently asked questions page
If you have any specific questions about these changes, please contact us on 1300 203 439, or email us at or
Thank you for being a CSC customer, I appreciate you have a choice of your superannuation provider. Thank you for your loyalty. If you have any feedback about these changes, you can email me directly at

Peter Jamieson

Chief Customer Officer

Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation

17 May 2019

* Includes administration fees, investment fees and indirect costs.

** In general, this is where you have not made a contribution, changed your investment option, changed your insurance cover, made or amended a binding beneficiary nomination.

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