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Our partnership with Legacy Australia

We're working with Legacy to make things easier for those dealing with grief, loss and hardship.

As part of our shared commitment to serving veterans and their families, we’re working with Legacy to make things easier for those dealing with grief, loss and hardship. Legacy has 45 dedicated Clubs located across Australia, who provide personalised, local support to the families of 43,000 veterans, including widows in their senior years, younger widows with children, and veterans’ dependents with a disability. 

Both CSC and Legacy share a long history providing support for members of the Australian Defence Force and their partners and children. For Legacy, this stems from a promise made in World War One to always look after the families of those who serve our country. At CSC we look after the super funds designed specifically for Australian Government and Defence Force employees, and we’re committed to understanding and supporting our member’s financial and non-financial needs.

Through this partnership, we’ll be better at helping veterans and their families during times of physical, mental and emotional hardship. At CSC we’ve made some big changes - we’re training Legacy Advocates to better understand our super schemes, changing forms to make them easier to complete and submit, and continually adapting and improving our processes to better support our customers. 

Together, we want to ensure the families who have made sacrifices in service to this country are not disadvantaged, and are able to live their lives with dignity and respect.


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