Starting super for new employees

To make administering super as easy as possible, we can receive membership and contribution data electronically. The data format you use changes depending on your employee’s super scheme.

Starting employees in CSS or PSS

You need to send CSS and PSS data to us in a SuperStream alternative file format extended (SAFFE) file. You can submit this to us through our ESO portal. Before starting a new employee you will need to know which AGS number to use – find out more here.  

Depending on the size of your agency, you can create and submit your SAFFE manually in ESO or create your SAFFE in your payroll system and upload it. Find out more about submitting contributions and data in our ESO user guide

Starting employees in PSSap (for participating employers)

You need to send PSSap data to us in a SuperStream alternative file format (SAFF) file, which is normally created fortnightly by your payroll system and loaded into your clearing house. If you’re an employer with PSSap as a default fund, we offer you the option to use our clearing house at no additional cost.

Once we receive the data for a new employee, our system will automatically create their PSSap membership. We’ll let you know your new employee’s PSSap membership number through your clearing house’s messaging system. You should enter the PSSap membership number into your system so it’s included in each following SAFF and future super contributions can be allocated to the correct account. 


It’s important to give us personal contact details for each new member rather than their contact details at work. We’ve got important information to share with them about their super and insurance after they join. 

Starting employees in PSSap (for non-participating employers)

If your employees aren’t eligible for employer-sponsored PSSap membership, they’ll need to have previously been an employer-sponsored member for at least 12 months for you to contribute to PSSap on their behalf. They must also nominate you as their employer through their member services online account. You can contribute to PSSap through your clearing house, but you need to include their existing PSSap membership number or the contribution will be rejected. 

Find out more here.

Starting employees in ADF Super

If your employee wants you to contribute to ADF Super on their behalf, they’ll need to have previously completed 12 months continuous full-time service with the Australian Defence Force (ADF). You can contribute to ADF Super through your clearing house, but you should include their existing ADF Super membership number.  

Find out more here.

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