Information and forms for new employees

Telling your employees everything they need to know about super can be a bit overwhelming.

We’ve prepared a letter of offer that you can include in your new employee’s onboarding pack that tells them about super. The letter isn’t scheme specific and encourages your new employee to explore our website to better understand their super. We have scheme specific letters available too. To better understand our letter of offer options, reach out to your Relationship Manager.

What other information should you give all your employees?

It doesn’t matter which one of our super funds they’re in, all new employees should be directed to our website where they can find information about how our schemes work and access important documents like the relevant product disclosure statement (PDS). We’ve also got webpages for those new to CSC and for anyone returning to our super funds.

If they log into their member services online account, they can estimate their potential super benefits and PSSap and ADF Super members can find out more about their insurance cover. 

Re-joining CSS members

Re-joining CSS members who are non-ongoing full-time employees, statutory office holders or employed under the Members of Parliament (Staff) Act 1984, who want to re-join CSS, must elect to become an eligible employee of CSS by completing the Application to become an eligible employee of CSS (S20) form. 

Re-joining PSS members

Confidential Medical and Personal Statement (CMAPS) form 

You must tell all re-joining PSS members who don’t have continuous service to complete the CMAPS form available on our website. 

If your employee doesn’t get their CMAPS form back to us within 14 days of re-joining PSS, they will automatically be a limited benefits member (LBM). If we receive the form within 14 days, we may still determine that the employee is a LBM because they aren’t of sufficiently sound health to carry out all the duties of their position without taking excessive sick leave in the first three years of their membership. 

If a LBM claims invalidity benefits or if their dependents claim death benefits in the first three years of membership, the benefit won’t include any prospective service. LBMs are not eligible for pre-assessment payments (PAPs) or a partial invalidity pension (PIP).

Non-ongoing employees, casuals and statutory office holders 

New employees on non-ongoing or casual contracts and all statutory office holders who want to re-join PSS must elect to become a PSS member by completing the election to become a member (SE4) form. It’s not enough to complete the standard super choice form available from the ATO.

Important documents

CMAPS Confidential Medical and Personal Statement (CMAPS)

New employees starting a new period of PSS membership must use this form to provide medical details to allow us to assess whether they should be a limited benefits member. You must provide this form to each new employee who is starting a new period of PSS membership, and make a note in their personnel file confirming that they have received it. Your employee should return the form directly to us.

PDF, 1155KB

SE4 Your election to become a member

Eligible non-ongoing employees, casual employees or statutory office holders should use this form to elect to re-join PSS. You should keep the completed form in their personnel file.

PDF, 1030KB

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