Sending IRC applications to the Assessment Panel

Did you know, not all applications for an invalidity retirement certificate (IRC) need to go to the Assessment Panel? In fact, more than half of CSS and PSS IRC applications didn’t need the Assessment Panel last financial year.

28 Oct 2019

The Assessment Panel is used only for CSS and PSS IRC applications where we have reasonable doubt that our customer is totally and permanently incapacitated (TPI). If there is no reasonable doubt, we can issue an IRC without the Assessment Panel being involved. PSSap IRC applications don’t require the Assessment Panel to be involved at all.

We establish whether there is any reasonable doubt when we review the documents and medical reports you submit to support the IRC application. It’s unlikely that medical reports clearly addressing TPI and our customer’s capacity for retraining will give us reasonable doubt. 

If we refer an application to the Assessment Panel, they will provide us with a recommendation on whether our customer is TPI. We aren’t bound by their recommendation, but we will take it into account when making our final decision. A copy of the recommendation will be issued to both you and our customer when we advise you of our decision.

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