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Claim your benefit

If it's time to claim your defined benefit, we're here to guide you through it.

  1. Review accessing your benefit

    How you withdraw your super will depend on your age and employment status. Compare the different payment conditions or tax implications to know the right option for your situation.

  2. Estimate your benefit

    Your estimate will help you to understand the options available to you and guide you in making a decision about claiming your benefit.

  3. Claim your benefit

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    When you contact us to request a benefit estimate, we'll send you everything you need to do to make a claim. Alternatively, you can access your fund-specific information below.

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  • MilitarySuper
  • PSS
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How to claim 

To claim your CSS benefit, complete a benefit application. The forms contain eligibility requirements and instructions.

Claiming 54/11 (Deferred Benefit)

Your individual circumstances will determine whether the 54/11 (deferred) option is right for you. Since the benefit calculations are different if you choose to defer, request Benefit Estimates for both scenarios well in advance of your 55th birthday and within 12 months of claiming

Payment information

  • Payment can only be made to a bank account in Australia.
  • The nominated account must be in your name (it may be a joint account).
  • Fortnightly pension paydays are Thursdays.
  • Pension deductions are limited to tax, Medicare and child support.
  • Your pension will be indexed in January and July each in line with upward CPI movements.
  • Your first pension increase is pro-rata for the number of months you have received your pension.

Download and apply

Applications for associate preserved benefit

Claim your preserved benefit as an associate member age retiree.

Preserved age retirement

Use this form to claim your preserved benefit as an age retiree.

Redundancy benefit application

Use this form to claim your PSS benefit after receiving a redundancy package.

Age retirement benefit application

Use this form to claim your PSS benefits as an age retiree.

Cessation of employment

Use this form to make a benefit election after you have resigned or left the workforce.