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We get that sometimes you’d like to make changes to your insurance cover or the way we manage your super. Here are some forms to help you do just that.

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Benefit application

A80 Application by spouse and/or children, for Benefit on death of an Associate

Apply for deceased associate benefit as eligible spouse and/or child

PDF, 1081KB

ASSOC-PENS Application for an Associate Pension* by the former spouse of a MilitarySuper pensioner

Apply for an associate pension as the former spouse of a pensioner

PDF, 959KB

A85 Application for eligible child(ren)’s Benefits on death of an Associate

Apply on behalf of an eligible child or children for deceased associate benefit

PDF, 1083KB

DM90 Application for Estate Benefit (including Ancillary Benefit)

Apply for estate benefits of a deceased member not survived by eligible dependants

PDF, 1029KB

A90 Application for Estate Benefits on death of an Associate

Apply for estate benefits of a deceased associate not survived by eligible dependants

PDF, 965KB

M1 Application for Resignation Benefits (including Ancillary Benefits)

Claim your resignation benefits when you resign from the ADF

PDF, 1001KB

M20 Application for retirement Benefits (including Ancillary Benefits)

Claim your benefits on retirement from the ADF

PDF, 1350KB

M10 Application for Benefits on retrenchment (including Ancillary Benefits)

Claim your benefits if retrenched or made redundant from the ADF

PDF, 1842KB

MAC05 Application to claim Ancillary Benefit Only

Claim some or all of your ancillary benefit but no other benefit type

PDF, 919KB

M60 Claim for Preserved Benefit before age 55 (including Ancillary Benefit)

Claim some or all of your preserved benefits before you reach preservation age

PDF, 1027KB

M65 Claim for Preserved Benefits after age 55 (including Ancillary Benefits)

Claim some or all of your preserved benefits having reached preservation age

PDF, 1098KB

EAFR02 Early access – severe financial hardship

Benefit access for severe financial hardship

PDF, 1330KB

EAFR01 Early access – specified compassionate grounds

Benefit access for compassionate grounds

PDF, 1240KB

SC3 Review of student pension

Extend payment of a student pension on behalf of an eligible child (or children) of a deceased member who is engaged in full-time education

PDF, 743KB

M80 Spouse and children of a member or Preserved Benefit member – benefit application form and information leaflet

Claim deceased benefits of a member or preserved benefit member as an eligible spouse and/or children

PDF, 1014KB

Contributions and transfers

A50 Application by Associate to Rollover Associate A Benefit

Roll over your associate A benefit to another super fund as an associate member

PDF, 939KB

MAC02 Application to Pay in a Transfer Amount

Roll other superannuation into your MilitarySuper account. Before completing this form, please read the MilitarySuper Product Disclosure

PDF, 777KB

MAC03 Application to pay spouse contributions

Apply to pay contributions to MilitarySuper on behalf of your spouse

PDF, 910KB

ADFC-MIL Application to transfer preserved benefit

Transfer your preserved Member and/or Ancillary benefit from MilitarySuper

PDF, 1032KB

ML4 Election to cease member contributions in respect of Lump Sum Maximum Benefit Limits

Stop contributing to MilitarySuper having reached your lump sum MBL

PDF, 729KB

ML3 Election to pay member contributions in respect of a period of Leave Without Pay (LWOP)

Pay contributions while on leave without pay for more than 21 days

PDF, 770KB

MAC04 Spouse contributions – deposit form

Make spouse contributions to MilitarySuper for your spouse

PDF, 871KB


MIC1 Member Investment Choice Form

Select your preferred investment option for your member benefit.

PDF, 772KB


A40 Application by Associate for early release of preserved benefit on the grounds of Total and Permanent Incapacity

Claim benefits before age 55 on grounds of total and permanent incapacity as an associate member with an associate A and/or B benefit

PDF, 935KB

ACCESS-MED Application for Early Release of Preserved Benefit on Medical Grounds

Claim your preserved benefit on medical grounds if you are unlikely to work again and have not reached your preservation age

PDF, 965KB

A-RETRO Application for retrospective invalidity

Apply for retrospective invalidity if retired on grounds other than invalidity, and may need a consideration to be treated as though retired on invalidity grounds.

PDF, 1170KB

M40 Application for Invalidity Benefits

Apply for invalidity benefits if discharged from the ADF as medically unfit for future service

PDF, 1742KB


DIV293 (MS) Division 293 tax debt repayment election

Deduct your Division 293 tax debt account discharge liability from your MilitarySuper benefit

PDF, 765KB


A-RECON Application for Reconsideration of a Decision

Apply for reconsideration of a Decision made by a delegate of CSC.

PDF, 204KB

FORM6 Application for superannuation information

Finalise super splitting order as non MilitarySuper member spouse with base/percentage form

PDF, 1396KB

DM602 Declaration made Pursuant to the Statutory Declarations Act 1959

Provide statutory declaration to support application for spouse’s benefit

PDF, 314KB

90MT1a Family Law Act 1975 Standard court order — base amount splitting

Re-allocate (in dollar terms) MilitarySuper holdings in accordance with super split order

PDF, 621KB

90MT1b Family Law Act 1975 Standard court order — percentage splitting

Re-allocate (in percentage terms) MilitarySuper holdings in accordance with super split order

PDF, 615KB

90MP Separation Declaration Family Law Act 1975 Section 90MP

Notify MilitarySuper of new superannuation agreement or separation from your spouse

PDF, 1033KB

NMS72 Information about a non-member spouse Regulation 72 [Family Law (Superannuation) Regulations 2001]

Provide details of non-member spouse to MilitarySuper in relation to super splitting order

PDF, 820KB

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